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MOST PUBLIC OPINION, while vaguely aware of the change taking place, ignore the existence of a science of Longevity, and are still unaware of its potential and the influence it could have on the improvement of their lives.

The news of discoveries and developments related to Longevity published in the general media often adopt a sensationalist and superficial slant that polarizes the debate on the subject between a total rejection of novelty and an acceptance without discussion of the results of Science. This confusion and sloppiness are a danger for Longevity operators: on the one hand, the public may not understand the possibilities that stand before them, while public decision-makers may be subject to a scarce public will and policy of regulation and investment. Tackling this issue with seriousness and competence, bringing evidence, data and results will benefit the entire sector, generating informed curiosity and debate.


Public and private investments - we are thinking in particular of the pharmaceutical sector - will be attracted to a business area with clear rules and an informed and aware public.


  • Publication and distribution of the "Fake Free News in Longevity" newsletter for an evidence oriented approach to Longevity

  • Organization of public meetings

  • Organization of specialist conferences

  • Activation of a dedicated website and social campaigns

  • Attendance and attendance at highly frequented fairs and events

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