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CHRONOLOGICAL AGING is the main risk factor for the development of many diseases including Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Science is showing that chronological aging is improvable, and biological aging is malleable; this state of the art allows us to affirm with good certainty that the population will be able to age healthily even beyond 100 years in the immediate future. A very large new slice of the population is therefore entering the market and will flood it with needs in the coming years, creating new perspectives and opportunities.

The Longevity market does not only concern biotechnology and biomedicine but is made up of various other sectors such as preventive medicine, new drugs and nutraceuticals, regenerative medicine, food, dedicated housing, digital health, AI, financial and insurance services, transport and mobility, sports, wellness, tourism, pension systems and national government strategies.

The Longevity industry has great levels of multidimensionality and intersectionality and unprecedented prospects for growth and profitability, further enhanced by being the most ethical form of business, with untold potential for positive impact on humanity. The substantial risk for all stakeholders is that of not recognizing the opportunities and remaining excluded, or ending up marginalized in one of the reference markets in the near future.


  • Selection and support of start-ups and individual researchers on projects

  • Promotion, also through the announcement of scholarships, of scientific activities that bring new and important notions in the field of Longevity

  • Activation of a continuous dialogue with universities, scientific societies and companies to identify the key themes and the most promising research sectors in the field of Longevity

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