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ITALIAN LONGEVITY LEAGUE is the national association that deals with training, promotion, dissemination and research relating to the topic of ACTIVE LONGEVITY and its social, cultural and economic developments in Italy.  

The Association was born from the initiative of medical specialists, researchers, managers and professionals of the Third Sector and has its strength in the professional skills of the members and in the network of national and international relationships they have built over the years. The skills and experience gained in the medical and scientific fields are the basis of the project, while the involvement of professional profiles outside the healthcare environment underlines the desire to tackle a topic that will gain more and more weight in the years to come with a multidisciplinary approach.  

Our MISSION  is simple and ambitious: to inspire CHANGE through the application of programs and protocols created by a cultural, economic and scientific NETWORK dedicated to research and education in the field of Active Longevity.  

This statement establishes a point of reference and a VISION  about our future. From the beginning, with this clear VISION in mind, we have worked to involve and encourage organizations, companies, institutions and operators of different backgrounds in the formulation of scientific, analytical, quantitative and pertinent frameworks for the evaluation and optimization of the sector. of longevity up to practical application.  

ITALIAN LONGEVITY LEAGUE is a member of the INTERNATIONAL LONGEVITY ALLIANCE , the organization that coordinates many initiatives concerning Longevity worldwide and manages a relationship with the WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (world health organization) on this issue.  


THE ASSOCIATIVE FORM is the best choice for those who intend to act not only as a primary actor, but also and above all as a bridge and means of communication between the parties.  

The absence of profit-making purposes and the possibility of communicating indiscriminately with the public and with the private sector, combined with the wide possibilities opened up by the reform of the Third Sector, coincide perfectly with the objectives we have set ourselves.  

Finally, the ASSOCIATION has the great advantage of being able to guarantee our financiers and PARTNERS, whether they are private citizens or companies, significant tax benefits in terms of deductions and deductions.  


THE PROJECT is the direct short and medium term implementation of our objectives. Starting from the awareness that SCIENCE must overcome a series of socio-cultural blocks before reaching the population and facilitating their Active Longevity, in the coming years we intend to focus on research and evidence-based dissemination. Every year we will organize several promotional meetings and at least one INTERNATIONAL EVENT to promote the theme of Longevity to the public, so that they become aware of the opportunities that science offers us, and encourage the construction of networks and relationships and the development of ideas and projects. 

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