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How to create a provincial or regional ILL office

  1. notify via email ( ) your intention to create a branch office of the ILL

  2. communicate the name, surname and CV of the founding members (the minimum number of members to establish a branch office is 5 of which 2 must be the ILL Leaders of medical extraction)

  3. Upon acceptance by the CD, the headquarters and its members, in addition to the associative activity, will have a location on the national website

  4. the annual registration of the headquarters provides for a sum of € 50 for secretarial expenses + the membership fee for each member.

  5. Membership is open to anyone interested in learning or participating in the organization of activities that aim at active longevity, including students in various disciplines

Annual inquiries for the ILL office:

  • organize at least 1 local meeting (provincial, regional or macro-area)

  • organize at least 1 community meeting on aspects concerning active Longevity

  • share all the meetings, the members of the meetings with the central office

  • at least 2 members from the headquarters must participate in the national congress

  • awareness activities must be organized with local sponsors

  • the content must be evidence based and shared with the head office

  • a collegial atmosphere with members and participants should be encouraged, as each member

    it must be a resource for others

  • each location must promote its mission and take responsibility for recruiting new ones

    members and to create the meeting agenda

  • congress presentations by members are favored and will also find their place in the

    national or international conferences

  • sponsors must be presented and introduced to each meeting with the possibility of describing

    their product briefly

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