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WHAT IS THE PRICE of Longevity? The lengthening of the average life inevitably confronts us with questions of sustainability to which we must give an answer

Let us think first of all of the public pension systems which are already marking time and which will necessarily have to be supported by private insurance and financial instruments.

Not only that, once we have entered the era of Active Longevity, we will have to ask ourselves how expensive the necessary medical and health treatments can be. The concentration of the necessary services, skills and tools in specific Longevity HUBs will ensure, through the application of economies of scale, the accessibility of treatments to a wider slice of the population. Finally, the training gap must be considered. Doctors and professionals / research / companies / investors / the public who receive almost no specific and up-to-date training on aging and often do not realize that dealing with aging is the best way to address many diseases related to it.


This challenge, together with the identification of new Longevity professions, will represent the best indicator of the state of the art of the sector in the years to come.


  • Definition of new longevity programs.

  • Training and staff training.

  • Identification of new professions.

  • Promoting the concept of longevity HUB, places where people can find services and information at their fingertips.

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